Borderless Wine™ Mission

Borderless Wine scours the globe for excellent and sustainable wines from unknown corners of the world. We create the pipeline for impacting global palates by supporting local communities.

A true Borderless Wine encompasses a balance of these criteria:

Social: Seeks wineries whose work connects them to their land and to their communities. it can be pooling resources to build a park, or taking on injustice. Collectively with us, wine is a product and industry simultaneously driving economic opportunity and social impact.

Political: Wine is a product of soft diplomacy and ambassador to tell new narratives, facilitate cross-border initiatives, and dialogue. Wine buying is viewed as a form of activism and BW focus’ on countries and regions that are in less prolific financial situations, or have been / are currently amidst war.

Cultural: Wines that are linked to the history and time-tested traditions of where they are grown. Communities have opportunities to pridefully rely on their culture for economic opportunity.

Financial: Measure social impact of wine buying and how it relates to economic opportunity for wine communities around the world and create a feedback loop which is the value to the winemakers and importer community.

Ecological: Encourages uninhibited expressions of place, often through native grapes, clean (natural) farming, historic methods & winemaking techniques.

I applaud Peter [not only] for encouraging exploration of little-known wines, but for fervently investigating the farthest reaches of the wine world and the people working these edges, often with little recognition or reward.
— Eric Asimov, The New York Times, Wine Critic (10.03.2018)