What we can do for you

Keynotes, Events, & Tastings

  • Curate wine tastings from 2-200 people

  • Give speeches for large crowds on wine and soft diplomacy, emerging markets, and Borderless thinking

    Borderless Wine Alliance

  • Network of certified borderless wines, wine lists, & importers that share our values. Some we import. Some are imported by our friends. We aim for impact.

  • Create an ongoing database to foster cultural exchanges for our global delegates of Borderless Winemakers

    Borderless Wine Ambassadors

  • Cadre of industry leaders who are local attache in top markets across the globe


  • Consult with governments, agricultural sectors, and venture capital in wow wine impacts global & local landscapes through business, cultural exchange, and cross-border dialogue.

  • Audit of emerging markets leveraging wine as a vehicle for economic growth.

  • Educate hospitality staff about Borderless Wine’s tripe bottom line approach

    Borderless Wine Symposiums

  • An immersive experiences with tasting and scholarship around Borderless Wine


  • Scour and source borderless wine narratives from around the world, regularly reporting from emerging regions

For more information, please contact us.